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Why We Choose GAF

Roofing Company Partner GAF

One of the main reasons we choose GAF is plain and simple, customer service. GAF is the largest shingle manufacturer in the world competing against, Certainteed, Owens Corning, and IKO. To be honest, we could debate why we chose GAF, just like you find people comparing Chevy and Ford. At the end of the day, in our area, our sales rep from GAF takes care of our company and more importantly, our customers, best. If we have any product issues, it is addressed and resolved within 24 hours. The last thing we want to do is talk a big game on a certain shingle and have no support from the shingle manufacturer. Everyone knows our world is far from perfect now and GAF understands that and is on top of any issue that we may see. Although we have personally only had to file one claim in the last 8 years for shingle discoloration, they handled it with no questions asked. GAF keeps us up on new products, educates us on proper ventilation techniques, and is overall there to help us be the best roofers we can be.

The second reason why we love this company and product is their warranties. I have always been the person to deny paying anything for a warranty. From my experience you have to hold on to paper work, save the receipt, or do something else that ends up being a little bit of a pain. However, not with GAF. All warranties are filed online and a copy is mailed to your house. The System Plus and Gold Pledge warranties are the best in the industry and you can trust you are getting what they promise. We actually have seen this first hand by inspecting and fixing other GAF Master Elite Contractor’s work. GAF paid us in full with no hidden fees or extra charges from your original warrantee.

Finally the product. The new HDZ shingles are created with the biggest nail zone in the industry. This allows our installers to easily hit the right location making one nail hit 2 shingles. They also took the shingle granules off the common bond area causing the tar to seal into the shingle matting, creating the best shingle seal on the market. Lastly there is no wind rating for the HDZ shingle. Which is awesome news for our area, being we get the high winds off Lake Erie and Chautauqua Lake.

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