Why Hire Us?

Here at Complete Roofing Systems we know choosing a contractor to perform work on your house can be a scary issue. Finding a friend or neighbor for a referral is a great and common way to find a contractor. But could still leave you with questions. Should I choose a contractor where the owner is on the job? Or a bigger company who does all types of work? Or should I find a contractor that specializes in a certain trade?

Through out my career as a contractor I may have had differing answers, but now I am confident to say a bigger specialized company is best, and of course that is us! I personally have been in business for 15 years. I’ve been the contractor that was on every job leading the crew, bidding every job, ordering materials, scheduling every job and after time you are just burnt out! These contractors are the hardest working people I know and I have all the respect for them! However, being consistent and knowing the best materials and installation techniques while juggling everything, can very difficult. 

In recent years, I have noticed a shift in contractors choosing a specific trade to specialize in. I think it shows great benefit to both the customer and contractor. The thought process is, be a master of a particular trade and do your best to perform it well. That’s the path my business partner Mike and I have chosen.  Since that decision, we are proud to have become a Master Elite GAF shingle installing company. That means not only us, but our employees as well, have been trained to install products to GAF specifications and standards. Being GAF Master Elite allows us to leave our customer with More than Just a Roof. We can also offer them a 50 year material and 20 year labor warranty. 

Our Goal

Our biggest goal is to make roofing look easy and make it an enjoyable experience.  This isn’t natural in the roofing business. Roofers have to remove around 6,000 pounds of material from the average roof, transport debris in a dump trailer, then transport 6,000 pounds back on the roof. Our goal is to do it with a smile on our face. We use equipment like the Equipter and Catch-All System to make this process go a little more smoothly. We’ve invested in these tools to help not only make roofing look easy but protect your home. The Equipter is a mini dump trailer that we can drive on most of our job sites. It raises up to the roof so we can tare off the debris directly into the Equipter, which helps us save on the extra mess. The Catch-All is a net system that covers your siding and landscaping to protect from any debris that doesn’t make it into the Equipter.  What we are trying to say by owning this equipment is, WE CARE!

Both Mike and myself are motivated by creating a great company.  Our employees are like family to us and we want you to Get More than a Roof. Hire happy roofers who care about being the best. Complete Roofing Systems will leave you with a warranty and the peace of mind that you made the right decision.