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4 of Pennsylvania’s Most Common Types of Shingles in Roofing

There are many types of shingles in roofing but the most common in Pennsylvania are asphalt, wood, slate, and metal. This is because of the many benefits these shingles offer and they can also withstand even Pennsylvania’s harshest climate conditions.

If you are a new homeowner in the state or just someone thinking about switching to a new shingle roof, it is important to understand which of these types of shingles will be best for your home as well. If you want to get the most value for your money, then knowledge is power.

To help you make the right decision, we will discuss in this blog the top four most common types of shingles in Pennsylvania. We will run through the advantages and disadvantages of each so you’ll know exactly which one of them will be able to meet your roofing needs and goals.

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Asphalt shingles

One of the most popular types of shingles in Pennsylvania is asphalt shingles. They are made from fiberglass or organic mat that is coated with asphalt and then covered with mineral granules.

They are common and popular among homeowners mainly because they are quite durable, affordable, and easy to install. They are also available in a wide range of colors and styles to match and complement your home’s overall look.

Their disadvantage, however, is that they don’t offer much insulation as other roofing materials do. They will also require regular maintenance as they are more prone to cracking and wind uplift.

Wood shingles

Another common type of shingle in Pennsylvania is wood shingles. They are made from natural wood, such as cedar, that is cut and tapered to form the shingles. They are durable and are known for their distinct, attractive appearance and natural insulating properties.

Their downside, however, is that wood shingles can be more expensive than other types of shingles in roofing. They will also require more maintenance and are more vulnerable to fire and pest infestation as wood-loving insects build their nests and homes in the shingles.

Slate shingles

This type of roof shingle is made from 100% natural stone with no additives. They are known for their durability and longevity and are resistant to fire, wind, and hail. This makes them a great option for homes in areas prone to extreme weather conditions such as Pennsylvania.

The disadvantage of slate shingles, however, is that they are very heavy since they are made from stones. They can also be expensive to install, maintain, and repair compared to other types of shingles in roofing.

Metal shingles

Metal shingles are another popular option for homeowners in Pennsylvania. These shingles are made from a variety of metals including corrugated steel, aluminum, zinc, tin, and copper.

Metal shingles are known to be durable and long-lasting. With proper installation, they can last for up to 100 years or even longer. They are also fire-resistant, low-maintenance, energy efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Their disadvantage, however, is that they can be quite expensive. They cost around 15% to 20% more than asphalt shingles, both materials and installation. They may also require a professional roofing contractor that specializes in handling them as not all contractors can.

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