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Residential Roof Inspection Checklist in Pennsylvania

Don’t let roof maintenance slip through the cracks – keep your Pennsylvania home safe and dry with this residential roof inspection checklist.

When it comes to maintaining a home in Pennsylvania, one of the most important aspects to pay attention to is the roof. After all, the roof is what protects your home from the elements and keeps you and your family safe and dry.

That’s why regular roof inspections are so crucial. By catching any issues early on, you can avoid costly repairs or even a full roof replacement down the line.

To help you stay on top of your roof maintenance, we’ve put together a checklist for residential roof inspection specifically tailored to Pennsylvania homes.

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What to Include in the Residential Roof Inspection Checklist

  • Look for Signs of Damage
    The first thing you’ll want to do is take a good look at the condition of your roof. From the ground, use binoculars to get a closer look at the surface of the shingles.
    Look for any signs of damage, such as missing or broken shingles, cracks, or curling. These can be indicative of an underlying issue that needs to be addressed.

  • Check the Flashing
    The flashing on your roof is what seals any openings, such as around your chimney or vent pipes. Check the flashing for signs of damage or deterioration.
    If you notice any issues, it’s important to have them repaired as soon as possible to prevent water from seeping in and causing damage to your home’s interior.

  • Inspect the Gutters
    While not technically a part of the roof itself, gutters play a critical role in directing water away from your home.
    Make sure your gutters are clear of debris, such as leaves and twigs, and that they’re securely attached to your home. Look for any signs of rust or damage, and consider installing gutter guards to help keep them clean.

  • Assess the Attic
    The inside of your home can give you important clues about the condition of your roof. This is why checking the attic is an important part of the residential roof inspection checklist.
    Head up to the attic and look for signs of moisture or water damage, such as water stains on the ceiling or walls. Make sure to check for any signs of mold or mildew, as these can indicate a moisture problem.

  • Consider the Age of Your Roof
    Most roofs have a lifespan of around 20 to 25 years. If your roof is approaching or has surpassed this age, it’s a good idea to have it inspected by a professional to determine if it’s time for a replacement.

  • Schedule a Professional Inspection
    While you can perform a basic residential roof inspection of your roof on your own, it’s always a good idea to have a professional take a closer look.
    A residential roofing contractor can identify any issues you may have missed and give you a more detailed assessment of the condition of your roof.

  • Plan for Regular Maintenance
    It’s important to have a plan in place for regular maintenance of your roof. This can include tasks such as cleaning your gutters, removing debris from the surface of your roof, and having a professional inspection every few years.
    By staying on top of your roof maintenance, you can help ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible and keeps your home safe and dry.

Looking for a Residential Roofing Expert in Pennsylvania?

Contact Complete Roofing Systems. We have a comprehensive residential roof inspection checklist that will ensure all areas and parts of your roof are covered. Our expert team will not miss anything, making sure your home is always safe and dry all year round. So if you suspect damage to your roof, or you just want to see that it is performing properly as it should be, then call us today to get started!

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