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If you’re a homeowner in the area of Erie, PA, you understand that the heavily populated area and the amount of homes for sale makes it difficult for your home to stand out on the market. There are several different opportunities to make your home increase in value, whether it’s remodeling the kitchen and bathroom, tearing down or building walls within the home, or even adding an extra bedroom, all of these options can work, but are they the best and most secure option? If you make any improvements to your home to make it more valuable, there is always the possibility that the cost of the expenditure versus the added value may not equal out. While each option may not be right for every home, if your house is under a roof that is outdated, or has reached/past its useful life, then that is definitely an option you should explore for enhancing your home’s value. What are the facts if I replace my roofing Erie PA, and how will it upgrade my home?

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New Roof, New Home

Did you know that a new roof can return more than 85% of its cost upon resale? You have better chances to see a profit from a roof replacement when the roof you’re replacing is outdated. It adds value to a home if the buyer is able to purchase a home with a certification of safety and a low maintenance roof. Curb appeal from new roofing Erie PA becomes a huge selling point when it is increased by a new roof. An updated roof offers greater durability and greater protection to the homeowners, and can withstand the elements better than an aging roof when hit by a storm or any other natural disaster. In addition, today’s materials are better and more advanced than they were 10-20 years ago. Innovative materials have been used recently in roof manufacturing, which reflect the sun’s rays instead of absorbing them, increasing the efficiency of your home. In the local area, energy bills are constantly on the rise, and having improved efficiency will decrease home costs, thereby giving the home an effective value increase.

Materials Meet The Needs

Different materials allow for different values, but also come at varied costs. Deciding between Metal and Shingle are some of the roofing materials that can completely expand your home value. Shingle roofing Erie PA is durable and can last up to 25 years. Asphalt shingles also come in a wide variety of colors to match the style of your home, and are also easier to give repairs to whenever those situations arise. Metal Roofing is a unique material as it is recyclable, highest energy efficiency, and can also be created to fit any style and different colors.

Choose Complete Roofing Erie PA

If you’re in the market, and these needs can help greatly improve your home value, book with Complete Roofing Systems for a roof inspection to determine the best options for you. Complete Roofing Systems are experts in shingle and metal roofing materials. We are also the best in the area at working on installing gutters, and roof repair projects. Book today with your local roofing Erie, PA contractors at Complete Roofing Systems, the best roofers are the ones close to home.