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4 Must-Know Rules from a Gutter Cleaning Company in Erie PA

Nobody likes to clean the gutters and the entire gutter system. It’s never fun to go through those small pipes and pull out twigs, leaves, and other debris. But as what an expert gutter cleaning company calls it, gutter cleaning is a necessary evil.

Although it is not an exciting task at all, there are ways you can make the task easier to prevent clogging and damage to your property. Here’s what experts in Erie PA recommend:

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Schedule a regular cleaning

The rule of thumb is to get your gutters professionally cleaned at least twice a year. Although some property owners may think that they can do the cleaning themselves without the help of professionals, hiring a gutter cleaning company is crucial.

They are more trained and experienced in cleaning and handling the gutter system. From the gutter to the downspouts, they can clean even those at the deepest corners that you might even have missed.

In addition, they also know what cleaning solutions will be more appropriate to use so as not to cause any damage. They have the right tools and equipment to properly and efficiently do the job. They’ve got everything covered.

Install gutter guards

Gutter guards are important. Although some may think otherwise, gutter guards play a huge role in keeping the debris out of the gutter systems. So if you have an extra budget, it is highly recommended to have one installed.

Gutter guards have several types you can choose from to suit your needs and preferences. There is a micro-mesh, mesh, screen, reverse curve, brush, and foam. Each of them has its own unique advantages and disadvantages.

When choosing which one to install, check which is more compatible with your gutter and which is more appropriate for your property. For instance, if you live in wooded areas, you might need a gutter guard that will be able to block even the smallest debris to effectively keep out small leaves and twigs.

Get regular inspection

Just like the roof, gutters should be also inspected. However, you should do this year-round as gutters can get clogged rather quickly making them more vulnerable to clogging and damage.

Regular inspections will help spot any gutter issues before they worsen and have them repaired right away. This can save you from costly repairs, or even total gutter replacement, and ensure you have a properly functioning gutter all the time.

During each inspection, make sure to look for debris, leaves, twigs, and birds nest that might be blocking the gutters or the downspouts. Watch out as well for ice dams, loose gutters, broken downspouts, and other issues that can cause a problem later on.

Hire a professional

If you want a more thorough cleaning on your gutters, find out which gutter guards will be more appropriate for your property, or schedule a regular gutter inspection, then hire a professional gutter cleaning company.

They know specifically when to clean the gutters, what cleaning solutions to use to avoid damage, which sections or parts of the gutter system to focus on, how to clean the gutter guards, and how to spot any possible gutter issues even the smallest ones.

In short, they are more equipped and knowledgeable on how to properly handle the gutter system to ensure satisfying results. By hiring them, you won’t have to worry about anything else as they’ve got everything covered.

Looking for a professional gutter cleaning company?

Complete Roofing System is your best choice in Erie PA! Gutter systems are one of our expertise. From inspection, cleaning, and gutter guard installation, we’ve got you covered. We know what will work best for your home in your area to ensure your gutters are always in their best shape. Call us to get a free estimate today!

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